Miriam McCann

Swedish massage is a specialised form of massage, established in 18th century Sweden primarily aiming to relax the entire body, helping to calm the mind thus providing an overall sense of relaxation and wellbeing.

Massage supports clients, improving circulation and flexibility while easing muscle tension. It has been shown through studies to help towards: increasing oxygen levels in blood; increasing the number of lymphocytes, (white blood cells) aiding the immune system; helps with decreasing muscle toxins; significant decreases in levels of the stress hormone, serotonin; improvements have been found reducing migraine and tension headaches.

In a typical session, we’ll discuss your needs and expectations then work to a general routine which will be tweaked and tailored to the requirements and areas of tension. Oils or creams will be used to suit and towels are essential to allow you to feel comfortable and secure. The room is warm and cosy with suitable music played to enhance a relaxing environment. At the end of the session I’ll offer an assessment with tips and advice for aftercare.